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Mazzei Electric: Serving Fort St John

Mazzei Electric has been serving the community of Fort St John since we opened our doors here in 2013. Our company began in 1994 in Nanaimo, and since then we have expanded our electrical services across British Columbia.

We handle all electrical projects: from commercial to residential, new construction, electrical upgrades, maintenance and more. View our list of available services for your electrical needs in Fort St John and learn more about Mazzei Electric today.

Mazzei Electric

Certified Electricians in Fort St John

We have a team of certified and experienced electricians in Fort St John ready to help you with your electrical needs, no matter the size of your project. Our Fort St John electricians are Red Seal Journeyperson ticketed, as well as Registered Apprentices.

Let our team of expert electricians in Fort St John help you.



View a list of some of our areas of expertise in electrical repair, maintenance, and servicing. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact one of our team members at Mazzei Electric.


Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your electrical service panel? If you’re noticing an increase in electrical usage consumptions, or are adding new electrical services it may be time for an upgrade. Contact us for more information about upgrading your electrical service panel in Fort St John.

PS – adding a hot tub, jacuzzi, electric vehicle charging station or a suite to your home? You will need an upgrade!

Green Home Energy Solution

There are many things you can do to make your home more energy efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainably green when it comes to electricity. This includes installing programmable thermostats, LED or energy efficient lighting, smart baseboard heaters and more. Looking to make your Fort St John more energy efficient? Contact Mazzei Electric today.

Complete Electrical Renovations and Additions/Suites

When doing renovations it’s important to remember to renovate and make sure your electrical is up to date as well. If you’re considering adding a suite to your home, updating your kitchen or bathroom, Mazzei Electric can help with everything electrical related for your home upgrade.

Installation of Sub-Panels

If you are considering adding a suite or garage, shed or different building on the property, you will need a sub-panel installed for your new electrical needs. Contact Mazzei Electric to install your new sub-panel for your suite, garage, shed, or new standalone building on your property.

In-Floor Heating Installs

Have you ever considered in-floor heating? During the cold Fort St John winters, having in-floor heating in your home can be an absolute luxury. In-floor heating is not only more cost and energy efficient, but works with all types of flooring – carpet, luxury vinyl plank, tile, hardwood and more. Contact us to install your in-floor heating in Fort St John today.

Home and Facility Inspections and Correction of Existing Wiring

Are you unsure of the existing wiring for your electrical in your home or commercial business? Mazzei Electric in Fort St John will do the electrical inspection as well as the electrical fixes for your home, facility or business. Contact our team today.

Fire Alarm Installation, Service and Maintenance

Whether it’s your home, business, or any other facility, it’s imperative that your fire alarms are up to date. We can install, service, maintain and inspect fire alarms in any commercial or residential spaces. Contact our team today for fire alarm installation, service, and maintenance in Fort St John.

Thermography and Preventative Electrical Maintenance

Thermography can detect overheating panels, electrical hot spots, trouble circuits, and unbalanced panels. We use thermography to make sure there are no current issues with your electrical system and to troubleshoot any potential problems before they arise. Book your Fort St John thermography inspection with us today.

Knob and Tube Removal

What is knot and tube wiring? Knot and tube wiring was used in North America primarily for electrical wiring between the 1880s – 1930s. Knot and tube wiring is no longer up to code and must be removed. Our team is happy to help remove your knot and tube wiring. 

Infrared Patio Heater Installations

Popular at restaurants and at home, outdoor infrared patio heaters can extend your patio season for yourself or your customers. Stay warm no matter the weather outdoors, and keep your restaurant patio seated with an infrared patio heater.

Electrical Repairs and Install

If it’s not listed here and you’re still in need of any other electrical repairs or installs in Fort St John, contact our team today. No matter the size of your job, whether it’s commercial or residential, the team at Mazzei Electric is happy to help you. We have over 25 years in electrical installation and repairs, and we’re here to answer all of your questions.

LED Lighting Upgrade

If you’re looking to decrease your energy bills, consider upgrading your lighting to an LED lighting system. On average LED lighting uses up to 80% less energy than incandescent lights. Contact Mazzei Electric today to upgrade your lighting system in Fort St John.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installations

With the increased popularity of electric vehicles, more and more homes are seeing the installation of electric vehicle charging stations to accommodate this. Installing an electric vehicle charging station in your home or business helps to increase property value as well! Contact us today to install your EV charging station in Fort St John.

Jacuzzi and Hot Tub Installations

Considering installing a jacuzzi or hot tub in your home? Believe it or not, many hot tubs are not plug-in ready and require installation by an electrician. Your home may also need an electrical upgrade to accommodate the new power source. Contact Mazzei Electric for hot tub installation and electrical services in Fort St John.

Manufactured Homes and Trailer Silver Label Certifications

Mobile homes and trailers are required to have a proper Silver Label certification in order to be sold. This ensures that the electrical equipment meets current safety standards. Our team will handle the entire process including obtaining the proper permits.

Garage Power and Lighting

You deserve a garage you can use for your hobbies, vehicle repairs, and anything else you may need. This includes the electrical that may be required. For instance installing a workbench will require proper electrical installation so you can use your tools, lighting, or heavy-duty receptacles. Contact us to make sure your garage has all that you need.

Light Fixture and Switch Replacement

We install all light fixtures and handle switch replacements. Are you considering adding pot lights, or perhaps a fan or a light in a hard to reach place? Skip the home repairs and let Mazzei Electric handle all of the difficult electrical parts of your new light fixture and switch replacement in Fort St John. Contact us today.

Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting Testing, Inspection and Repairs

Many commercial facilities require annual exit and emergency lighting testing and inspections, we can do this and any required repairs. If your commercial facility or business is in need of an annual inspection to make sure your exit signs and emergency lighting are working properly, and do any necessary electrical repairs.

Fiber, Data, Voice Data and Communications Cabling and Terminations

We can do the cabling and terminations if you are looking at adding an additional internet, voice or communication port. If you’re looking to upgrade your communications cabling in Fort St John our team at Mazzei Electric can help you. Contact us today to learn more.

Emergency Generator Installations

Be prepared for power outages, especially during the winter months in Fort St John. We will install your emergency generators and make sure that you and your family stays safe in an emergency ensuring power loss won’t affect you. Contact us and get prepared with an emergency generator!

Programmable Thermostat Installation

Save on your hydro bills by making sure that your heating and cooling is only on when you need them to be. We install and maintain programmable thermostats for your home. Contact Mazzei Electric today for a programmable thermostat installation, repair, or maintenance.

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