Are you looking to sell your manufactured (“mobile”) home?

Did you know that the Electrical Safety Regulation (ESR) 21 requires that all new factory-built structures or manufactured homes are to display an approval mark from an accredited certification agency prior to sale?

This is where Mazzei Electric comes in!

When a label is not present due to age or alteration of the building, the regulation allows for used manufactured homes and used factory-built structures to display an approval mark label provided by the appropriate provincial safety manager – a Silver Label. However, prior to that Silver Label being applied, a detailed test and inspection of the electrical systems of the mobile home must be carried out by a certified electrician.

Our service technicians are fully trained and outfitted with the appropriate tools to complete Silver Label inspections efficiently and effectively. This inspection process includes testing the integrity of the home’s internal wiring, ensuring that all wiring systems are built to the standards of the BC Electrical Code, and certifying that proper safeguards are in place with regards to grounding and fault protection.

Prior to listing your mobile home, give our service department a call to be sure you are ready to go!

If you need an inspection for your mobile or manufactured home please contact us.

At Mazzei Electric, we can provide you with a free estimate for an electrical service upgrade today.

If you’ve been experiencing similar issues, or are considering a renovation or addition to your home, upgrading to a 200-amp service might be a necessity. Give us a call!


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