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Mazzei Electric is your go-to for electrical needs in Kelowna. Our BC electricians have been serving Kelowna and the surrounding communities for over 25 years. We’ve established ourselves and our team members as the industry leaders in Kelowna and the Okanagan.

We handle all electrical projects: from commercial to residential, new construction, electrical upgrades, maintenance and more. View our list of available services for your electrical needs in Kelowna and learn more about Mazzei Electric today:

Mazzei Electric

Certified Electricians in Kelowna

All of our Kelowna electricians are Red Seal Journeyperson ticketed, and our apprentices are Registered Apprentices. Our Kelowna electricians are reliable, friends, and knowledgeable experts who are here to help you with your electrical needs – no project is too big or too small!



View a list of some of our areas of expertise in electrical repair, maintenance, and servicing. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact one of our team members at Mazzei Electric.


Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

We handle all of your electrical service panel upgrades in Kelowna and the Okanagan. Contact Mazzei Electrical today in Kelowna to make sure that your electrical service panels are properly upgraded and functioning properly, especially if you’ve recently added new electrical services to your home such as a suite, patio heating and lights, or a vehicle charging station.

Green Home Energy Solution

Did you know there are many ways to convert your home or business into a more eco-friendly green home by upgrading your electrical? We help to install programmable thermostats, energy efficient lighting, smart baseboard heating and more. If you’re looking for green home energy solutions in the Okanagan and Kelowna, contact us today.

Complete Electrical Renovations and Additions/Suites

If you’re adding a suite to your home, you need to consider how this will affect your existing electrical systems and how to upgrade your current electrical services to accommodate the increasing usage. Mazzei Electric can help you when it comes to your electrical renovations in the Okanagan. Contact us today.

In-Floor Heating Installs

What better way to stay cosy during the Okanagan winters than with in-floor heating? In-floor heating works wonders to keep your residential or commercial space warm, and works with all types of floor coverings, including carpet. Contact us today to upgrade your flooring and install in-floor heating to stay warm.

Home and Facility Inspections and Correction of Existing Wiring

Are you concerned about your home’s existing wiring? Our team will conduct a thorough electrical inspection of your home, commercial property, or facility to make sure that your wiring is functional, safe, and if need be, we will handle the repairs and upgrading of existing wiring.

Fire Alarm Installation, Service and Maintenance

Keeping your fire alarm system up to date is a critical component of building safety. Mazzei Electric will install, service, maintain and inspect your systems in Kelowna.

Thermography and Preventative Electrical Maintenance

Mazzei Electric uses state of the art thermography to detect overheating panels, trouble circuits, electrical hot spots and unbalanced panels. Let our electricians ensure your building’s safety with preventative electrical maintenance. Book your thermography inspection in the Okanagan today.

Knob and Tube Removal

Do you need knob and tube wiring removed from your home in Kelowna? Knob and tube wiring, or K&T, was frequently used in the 1880’s-1930’s. This type of electrical wiring is no longer up to code. Let our skilled team of electricians safely remove your K&T wiring. Contact Mazzei Electric today for more information or to obtain a quote.

Infrared Patio Heater Installations

Looking to extend patio season by adding an infrared patio heater to your restaurant or home? Excellent choice. Mazzei Electric can handle your patio heater installation in Kelowna. Contact us today to obtain a quote.

Electrical Repairs and Install

Searching for a skilled team of electricians in Kelowna? Mazzei Electric can tackle any electrical install or repair need. No job is too big or too small. From a flickering light or misplaced switch to ceiling fan installation and wiring replacement, let our electricians bring their expertise to your next project.

LED Lighting Upgrade

LED lighting is a much more cost-effective solution to your home’s lighting, as it uses 80% less energy than traditional incandescent lights, equalling a great savings for you – the homeowner. Mazzei Electrical will handle all of your lighting upgrades from incandescent to LED lighting in Kelowna.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installations

With the ever increasingly popular electrical vehicles it’s essential to upgrade your home’s electrical systems to ensure that your vehicle charging station is up to date. If you’re in the Okanagan and need an electric vehicle charging station installed, contact our team today.

Jacuzzi and Hot Tub Installations

If you’ve purchased a hot tub or a jacuzzi for your home, chances are that you’re going to need to upgrade your electrical to help with the increase in demand. Oftentimes you will require additional electrical wiring services. This is where our team of experts can help you. If you’re looking to add a jacuzzi or a hot tub to your Okanagan home, contact us today for your electrical needs.

Manufactured Homes and Trailer Silver Label Certifications

If you own a manufactured home or a trailer, these are required to have a Silver Label certification in order to be sold. Mazzei Electric will ensure that all of the electrical is up to current standards, and handle the process of inspection, fixing, and obtaining the proper permits.

Garage Power and Lighting

If you’re the type of person who likes to spend time in your garage, or use your garage for storage, it’s important to have the proper electrical services such as lighting, and heat to protect your belongings and vehicles. Contact Mazzei Electrical in Kelowna today to make sure your garage is properly up to date for power, heat, and lighting.

Light Fixture and Switch Replacement

Is your home in need of a lighting upgrade? Installing pot lights or a new ceiling fan? Our electricians in Kelowna have the expertise to assist you with any light installation or home repair project, whatever the size. Sometimes just moving a switch from an odd place can make the biggest difference. Contact Mazzei Electric today for help with your next installation.

Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting Testing, Inspection and Repairs

Have a building in Kelowna that needs an annual exit inspection? Mazzei Electric’s team will complete your emergency lighting testing and any required repairs. Contact our experienced electricians for an inspection and feel confident in the knowledge that your commercial or residential building is up to standard.

Fiber, Data, Voice Data and Communications Cabling and Terminations

Looking at adding an additional internet, voice or communication port in your building? Our electricians can take care of the cabling and terminations for any fiber, data, voice data or communications addition. Contact Mazzei Electric today to learn more.

Emergency Generator Installations

Given the storms that can pass through the Okanagan region, it is always a good idea to have an emergency generator installed in your home. Generators ensure you will have power for heating, refrigeration and lighting at the next power outage. Our electricians in Kelowna can take care of your generator installation safely. Contact Mazzei Electric today for more information.

Programmable Thermostat Installation

Stop wasting money on your hydro bills – programmable thermostats allow you to ensure your heat is only on exactly when you need it. Our Kelowna electricians install and maintain programmable thermostats. Contact us today for any thermostat installation, repair or maintenance.

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